2020 Primary
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County Races

CandidateVote Count Winner
Angelina - County Commissioner Pct. 1
Steve Allen [R] 1,145(X)
Greg Harrison [R] 443
Angelina - County Commissioner Pct. 2
Trae Trevathan [R] 877(X)
Danny Anders [R] 676
Cherokee - Sheriff
Brent Dickson [R] 2,452(X)
Eric Long [R] 2,240
Cherokee - Tax Assessor-Collector
Shonda McCutcheon Potter [R] 3,003(X)
Dana Nolley Chancey [R] 1,575
Henderson - County Commissioner Pct. 1
Wendy Kinabrew Spivey [R] 801(X)
Keith Pryor [R] 471
Henderson - County Commissioner Pct. 4
Mark Richardson [R] 1,083(X)
Kelly Harris [R] 291
Rains - County Commissioner Pct. 1
Jeremy A. Cook [R] 280(X)
Patsy Marshall [R] 98
Rusk - County Commissioner Pct. 1
Randy Gaut [R] 737(X)
Shannon Thompson [R] 511
Rusk - Sheriff
Johnwayne Valdez [R] 2,867(X)
Jeff Price [R] 2,457
Smith - Constable Pct. 1
Curtis Taylor [D] 946(X)
Bobby Garmon [D] 780
Smith - Constable Pct. 4
Josh Joplin [R] 858(X)
Curtis Wulf [R] 768
Smith - District Judge 114th Judicial Disctrict
Austin Reeve Jackson [R] 6,534(X)
Jarad Kent [R] 5,248
Smith - Precinct Chair Pct. 38
David Rasco [R] 107(X)
Trey Thedford [R] 86
Smith - Precinct Chair Pct. 5
Alice Zillmer [R] 177(X)
Shelby Dawn Davis [R] 159
Van Zandt - County Commissioner Pct. 1
Chad L. Laprade [R] 865(X)
Brandon Brown [R] 782
Van Zandt - Sheriff
Steve Hendrix [R] 3,356(X)
Dale Corbett [R] 3,336
Van Zandt - Texas State Representatice District 2
Bryan Slanton [R] 4,055(X)
Dan Flynn [R] 2,640
Wood - County Commissioner Pct. 1
Virgil Junior Holland [R] 1,078(X)
Keith Gilbreath [R] 637
Wood - Sheriff
Kelly W. Cole [R] 3,578(X)
Tom Castloo [R] 1,632
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Statewide Races

CandidateVote Count Winner
US Senate
Mary Hegar [D] 488,667(X)
Royce West [D] 451,182
Railroad Commissioner
Chrysta Castaneda [D] 565,973(X)
Roberto R. Alonzo [D] 330,943